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A-Z of Silk

Advantages of silk duvets

Silk is allergy friendly

Silk is a natural product, naturally anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial, providing an environment that dust mites don't like. Using silk duvets and pillows produces a very significant reduction in dust mites. This reduction can directly affect the quality of sleep for people that suffer from various allergies.

Silk is temperature regulating

Silk has the wonderful property of being able to keep you cool when the weather is hot, and warm when the air turns colder. On hot summer nights the bodies natural heat is conducted away from the body. Normal duvets (feather or polyester) work like a pressure cooker, holding in the heat. As we sleep, heat is reflected back from the duvet to our bodies keeping us warm. This process continues all through the night and can lead to over heating, sweating and a damp duvet. Long fiber Mulberry silk duvets are produced with a technique where layer upon layer of silk are laid on top of one another. This technique allows the duvet to breath, allowing some of the bodies excess heat to escape resulting in a more stable temperature through the course of a night and a more relaxing and revitalizing sleep.Read more about the production technique.

Our products are organic

The silk used in all our products is harvested from silkworms that live on leaves from natural, pesticide-free Mulberry bushes. Silkworms, that produce the cocoons used in silk production, are extremely sensitive. Any hint of pesticide on the Mulberry leaves is enough to kill a silkworm. Therefore the silkworms environment has to be 100% organic. Every process during the production of our silk is carried out by hand. The cocoons themselves are collected and washed in crystal clear water, from wells deep underground to insure the purest water quality. Bed of Silk's products are therefore greener and healthier products, free of chemicals (such as bleach for whitening) and other impurities often seen in mechanically manufactured products.

Choose our silk duvets for a good nights sleep, all year round

All our duvets can be used all year round. The filling weighs typically between 1040g and 1140g depending on the length, and can keep you warm even in the harshest British winter. If you belong to the group of people that suffer from over heating in bed you may consider a summer duvet. This is a lighter model, that will suit people that like to sleep with very little over their body, when it's warm. If you are in doubt as to which to choose, see our simple guide

Luxury comfort

Because of the soft nature of long fibre Mulbeery silk, your duvet will mold effortlessly to the shape of your body. The lightness and warmth of silk will make your sleep more comfortable. When the body doesn't have to use as much energy on regulating the temperature, it's possible to achieve a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

Read more about how to care for your duvet. All you need is a little sunshine :)

It's easier than you probably imagine to care for your silk duvet, and ensure a long lifespan. Read our tips and tricks about caring for you duvet.