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Handmade or machine fabricated?

The two types of silk duvet

There are two basic categories of silk duvet, handmade and machine fabricated. Handmade silk duvets are superior to machine fabricated duvets in a number of ways; quality, durability and anti-allergy properties.

The handmade duvets are made of long-fiber Mulberry silk, where the silk is gently stretched out and layer upon layer of silk are placed over each other until the desired weight is achieved.
Every duvet contains between 100 and 400 of these layers, so it is a very timeconsuming process. Afterwards, the silk is encapsulated in a shell of cotton or silk and securely fastened to prevent it moving under use.

Silk duvets produced by machine are almost always made of short fiber silk, or a mixture of silk and polyester. Short fiber silk can either be so called "wild silk" or off-cuttings used as filling.

Handmade duvets

  • Use only long fiber Mulberry silk built up of many layers of pure silk.
  • Fastened to the shell, not in channels. Fastening the silk prevents cold, thinner areas and damage to the duvet that channeling may cause.
  • Fewer airborne fibers as only long fibers are used.
  • No gathering of the filling, preventing holes and lumps.

Machine fabricated duvets

  • The silk fiber is stuffed into the shell, not built up in layers.
  • Channel sewn. Channel sewing causes damage to the silk fibers and cold areas are created throughout the duvet, ruining the temperature regulating properties of the duvet.
  • Short fiber silk, or a combination of silk and polyester are used. The short fiber silk can easily become airborne aggravating allergy sufferers. Short fibers are not as effective at temperature regulating, compared to long fiber silk.

Only Handmade

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