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100% natural product

We have chosen to offer only the very finest silk duvets - handmade from 100% long fiber Mulberry silk. This silk is the most expensive and most exclusive of all silks. Mechanically manufactured silk duvets with cheaper natural silk, are therefore not available from Bed of Silk.

Mulberry silk comes from silkworm larvae bred in captivity under controlled conditions. The larvae are from the Bombyx mori butterfly, that cannot fly, but can lay up to 500 eggs before they die. The eggs are kept at a constant 18°C to begin with, then as the temperature slowly rises the larvae hatch, at a temperature of 23°C.

The name Mulberry comes from their larva's diet of Mulberry leaves. After eating mulberry leaves for a month, the larvae grow to 10,000 times their size. The larva begins to spin a cocoon, a job that takes seven days.