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Which duvet should I choose?

Here's a few tips to help you find the perfect silk duvet. Choosing a duvet is an individual choice based personal preference.

All year round, or summer duvet?

Some people are naturally warmer in bed, while others feel the cold more during the course of a night. Therefore there can be good reason to choose one or the other based on whether you belong to the first or second category. Luckily silk duvets are fantastic temperature regulators and assure you a stable temperature regardless of whether you are warm or cold.

Bed of Silk stock two different varieties of silk duvet.

  • All year round duvet
    As silk duvets have incredible temperature regulating properties, we recommend the all-year-round duvet for the vast majority of people. This duvet contains 370g silk per square meter, which gives a total weight of around 1100g of silk filling per duvet. This type of duvet will keep you nice and warm through the autumn and winter, and unless you are very warm at night will also be fine for summer use.
  • Summer duvet
    Our summer duvets offer extra comfort during the summer nights for those who are susceptible to over heating as try to sleep. The duvet is light enough to combat over heating, yet still thick enough to prevent a chill on a milder summer night. The duvet contains 190g silk per square meter, giving a total weight of around 600g of filling. A summer duvet can be a particularly good idea for a summer house, caravan or boat, as silk duvets do not take on the smell of a damp environment, in the way conventional duvets can.

Silk or cotton shell?

The shell (or outer cover) is the envelope containing the silk filling. We sell silk duvets with both silk and cotton shells. Both types contain the same filling, that is 100% organic Mulberry silk, and therefore have the same temperature regulating properties. The primary difference is the soft silky feeling is more pronounced in the silk shell duvet. Generally both types are very good at providing a healthy sleeping environment, as silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. A silk duvet with a pure silk shell offers the ultimate protection from dust mites, for those with severe allergies.

Combining duvet types

Silk duvets are thinner than ordinary duvet types, and offer the possibility to combine different duvet types by lying them on top of each other in a single duvet cover. Around the edge of our duvets you will find small loops, that can be used either to attach the duvet cover, or to bind two duvets together to create your own combination. You can see an image of the loops here.