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Why Bed of Silk?

All of our products at Bed of Silk are crafted from the finest long fiber Mulberry silk. Therefore our products are extremely resistant to bacteria, which means they don't need to be washed as often as traditional duvets, pillows and bed linen.

Ethical responsibility

We strive to provide ethically produced duvets and pillows, sourcing our silk from producers where we know the local silk farmers are paid a fair price for their silk.

Value and quality

We have invested a great deal of time to select our suppliers. By dealing directly with reputable silk producers we ensure the best possible prices without compromising on quality.

Customer service

We strive to answer email and telephone queries promptly, and send orders by the agreed time. We truly value our many satisfied customers and work constantly to provide the service our customers deserve, and that we can be proud of. Read reviews from our customers, about both our products and service at trustpilot.

Luxury comfort

Due to the long fiber silks natural properties, our duvets and linen follow the form of the body and give a very special soft and comfortable feeling. The lightweight and warmth of a genuine silk duvet offers a particularly pleasant sleep. When the body no longer needs to use so much energy for regulating its own temperature, the result is a deeper more peaceful nights sleep.

Free delivery to your door

We deliver free throughout the British mainland. You can track you order using a Track&Trace service.

Full 14 days

As a customer at Bed of Silk, you have the right to return any of our products within 14 days, for a full refund. If you regret your purchase, you will be charged for the return postage, unless other arrangements have been made.

Our selection

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